Monday, October 24, 2016

Nasty Woman: Katy Perry

Team Nasty!
Katy Perry & Friends
Yes, Donald Trump, Katy Perry is too a "Nasty Woman." So much so that she hit the the campus of the University Of Las Vegas in support of Hillary "Ms. Clinton" if your nasty to rally the masses for early voting. 

How dirty of her. Katy also showed how fully she supported Clinton by declaring herself nasty by wearing a T-Shirt with a giant red heart with the words "Nasty Woman" in it. Yep, nasty love is all the rage right now. My suspicion is we are going to get four years of it come November 8th.

Personally I'm sold! I'll gladly take it over the pussy grabbing American Racist any day.

Happy Monday and only one more week until Halloween!!!

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

What Makes U "Say Yes"

Look Into My Eyes & "Say Yes"
Jason Walker
Jason Walker & Tony Moran are "So Happy" to "Say Yes" to #1!!!

Two-time Grammy nominated dance producer Tony Moran and Out Music Award winner Jason Walker are following up “So Happy”, their #1 Billboard hit from this summer, with a celebratory new track for fall, “Say Yes”. Written by Tony Moran and Mike Greenly, the hard-pounding single features another awe-inspiring vocal performance by Jason Walker, along with a superstar collection of remixes and a thrilling new music video by Karl Giant. “Say Yes” is available now on iTunes via

“Tony Moran approached me about doing another track right after we finished recording ‘So Happy’, our song that would climb all the way to #1,” recalls Jason Walker from his New York home. “What else could I do but ‘Say Yes’?”

“Mike and I were inspired to write the song from all the wedding ceremonies we’ve each been attending since the supreme court legalized same-sex marriage,” explains Tony Moran. “It’s made us reflect on the power of saying yes and how that simple three letter word can move mountains, promote progress and change life as we know it.”

“I asked Jason to record the single for us because that magical voice of his exudes power. He’s an incredible talent and someone that I truly believe represents the future of music.”

Moran and Walker re-enlisted videographer Karl Giant, the director of the “So Happy” video to helm "Say Yes" - check it out after the jump!

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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Schwing! Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon:
The Beginning
Tis the season so you know I had to offer up a healthy serving of bacon, the Kevin sort that is. Remember when he made his film debut in the original Friday The 13th and teased us with his speedo bulge? Then got killed for having sex with a fellow camp counselor? Of course you do.

Kevin has bared his booty in a lot of films most notably Paul Verhoeven's horror/sci-fi thriller Hollow Man where he played an invisible dude who when he became visible, woke up, well naked, lucky film goers. Butt only booty was truly on display.

Oh, butt (pun intended) it gets better. He kept his slab of bacon concealed for a while even though we could see it in his skimpy swimwear, tighty whities and free balling away, he finally released the Kraken aka Penis in Wild Things, one of my favorite sordid tales because of it's darkly comedic tone. Also well because KB looks great totally naked!

The following images and text with a feast of Bacon are all courtesy of the talented and insightful Tye Briggs at Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

Yes because of Tye I can now make your Saturdays & Sundays a total schwing fest! No need to thank me you can just...use your imagination!

Schwing it, schwing it good!

Friday the 13th & Wild Things (literally here): 

Friday, October 21, 2016

"Who You Selling For"

Don't Even Think About Trying to "Take Me Down"
Taylor Momsen
Photo: Andrew Lipovsky
Life can be so unfair, I have an advance copy of this album and have already given it many a listen, guess what?! It's the fucking bomb!

The Pretty Reckless smashes it! “Take Me Down,” the first single from the album Who You Selling For, has reached #1 on the rock chart, after just 7 short weeks. This milestone marks the fourth consecutive #1 for the band who broke records as the first female-fronted band to have three chart toppers in a row with “Heaven Knows,” “Messed Up World” and “Follow Me Down” (all from 2014’s Going To Hell) - a feat that has not been accomplished since The Pretenders in 1984, over 30 years ago.

The Pretty Reckless’s extraordinary third studio album Who You Selling For is set for release today, October 21. Produced by longtime collaborator Kato Khandwala, Who You Selling For expands the band’s sound to encompass soul, blues and rock and roll. The songs were written by front woman Taylor Momsen and guitarist Ben Phillips. Momsen’s dark lyrics and raw, charismatic vocals are on full display and the band delivers at full intensity with a level of musicianship that raises the bar.

TPR hits the road this week in support of the album, hitting major markets in the US and wrapping on December 6th in Los Angeles.

view the “Take Me Down” video after the jump!

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Michael's Musings

Eat Your Heart Out, Madonna
Michael Shinafelt
It's Thursday and I'm back! It's my wrap up of random thoughts and opinions about this past week headed into the weekend.

Brace yourself. This could be offensive depending on your level of political correctness!

Why the F#@k should Simon Cowell have apologized for jokingly saying to openly gay TV host Rylan Clark-Neal  "I thought you liked the back door" on National TV? The only way this would be any sort of an insult is if he was a total top.  

Can you live in only dermatology and water sports?

Accelerate easy, break easy, like making love. That's one way of doing it I suppose.

Tori Spelling apparently wants to give Octomom a run for her money. She is pregnant with baby number five. Six, Seven & Eight, cumming soon!

File This Under TMI - I watch the Real Housewives of New York while sitting on the toilet.

Street Talk: "Hunt the brown worker face." Your guess is as good as mine what that means, especially since a Latin Guy said it. 

"For every pussy a pair of shoes will go to a child in need" - Margaret Cho, Green Tea. This should be Trump's last gasp campaign slogan. 

How about that episode six twist on American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare last night???

Let's Bounce!

Law & Order: SVU still rulz after eighteen seasons.

Time for a little self care, not to be confused with self love. Ciao!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Turn And Face The Strange...

Believe It, Or Not
Justin Timberlake & Kate Winslet
When I was younger I thought nothing could surprise me. Yeah, you think you have seen it all when you reach your twenties. Well that's a load of BS! That is one of the joys of being fifty you realize life is always evolving and there is always something that will catch you off guard that you never expected.

This brings me to today's post. Who would have ever thought one would see Kate Winslet & Justin Timberlake acting opposite each other in a movie???

In Woody Allen's world, which has a certain bent to it, now you will. The photo above is of the odd couple bouncing creative energy off one another while shooting Allen's latest untitled opus in Queens, New York.

File this under: Wonders Never Cease.

Kate on IMDB:

Justin on IMDB    

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Horror: Happy Birthday To Me

In the 1980's there was an onslaught of slasher films thanks to the success of my favorite horror movie of all time, John Carpenter's Halloween. Most of them were pedestrian, but there were a few that were a cut above the rest. Ha ha ha ha get it? I'm sure you did, at least once, perhaps twice.

Well Happy Birthday To Me falls into the "cut above the rest cate"gory" - puns are fun BTW

The combination of Melissa Sue Anderson laying to rest her role as Mary Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie, J. Lee Thompson of Cape Fear (the original) fame directing and the promise of six of the most bizarre murders you will ever see, really nailed it, literally. 

Happy Birthday To Me is one of my favorites of all time and makes today's bullshit PG-13 horror movie trend look, well, like crap. Enjoy this montage of images from it, courtesy of moi. 

 Only 13 days until Halloween
It's My Party & I'll Kill If I Want To
These Weights Are Heavy
Killer Still, Literally

Death To Mary Ingalls
Melissa Sue Anderson

Happy Birthday To Me on IMDB: