Saturday, December 10, 2016

Saturday Schwing! Josh Brolin

Solid As A Rock
Josh Brolin
Oh Josh, your booty's so fine, your booty's so fine, it blows my mind, hey Josh...!!!

This is the second time Josh Brolin has made Entertain Me's weekend schwing. Why? Because I am an ass man, an ass connoisseur an ass...fill in that blank.

Brolin has one of the more delectable ones and is quite fond of getting naked and baring it. This time in support of Standing Rock.

Asses and pipelines, the connection is real. Yes Joshie Boy  decided to celebrate the tribe's victory in blocking the Dakota Access pipeline from messing with their land, by baring his supple butt and worked out body.

Victory deserves a bold statement! Thanks Josh may your ass forever get behind justice, in other words keep it up dude!

Josh "Booty" Brolin on Instagram: 

Friday, December 9, 2016

Immortal: Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone

We're Immortal!
Emma Stone & Ryan Gosling
OK, it's not very often I get to the movies, nor is it often I anticipate one either. Well hold onto your nether regions I can't wait to see the Hollywood themed musical La La Land. For sure I will be paying for an overpriced ticket and reserved seating at a gargantuan multiplex to view this.

To publicize the release of the film, it's stars, Ryan Gosling & Emma Stone, two of my favorites, became immortal this past Wednesday by putting their hand prints in cement at the world famous TLC Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Wow, how cool is that?!

Congrats on the honor you two and on all the accolades La La Land has been receiving.

T.G.I.F - see you at the movies!!! Hit the trailer after the jump!

La La Land at:

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Michael's Musings

The Rock Star & The Nerd
Taylor Momsen & Michael Shinafelt
This past week I had the pleasure of seeing a live show by The Pretty Reckless, courtesy of my friend and awesome publicist Ken Phillips at The Mayan in Los Angeles.

What word would I use to describe the performance? WOW! Front woman Taylor Momsen (former star of Gossip Girl) will make you forget she started out as an actress. She was born to rock!

Enough of the hyperbole, let's kick it!

Has anyone out there ever had a lawsuit over frozen embryos other than Sofia Vergara?

I had a colonoscopy in Los Angeles. You should have one too if you live anywhere else and are due. Don't put it off. PS - I passed with flying colors and gas.

Confession. The Pretty Reckless show is the first time I had Jack Daniels & Diet Coke as a complimentary drink in a long time. I chose it because the show was late and I knew it would keep me awake.

Addendum to the above confession. After I got home from the awesome show and wound down, I had a dream I was doing drugs with Miley Cyrus. See how long it's been since I drank "liquid crack" which is my pet name for it.

Ken Phillips gave me a really groovy Margaret Cho hoodie for my Birthday. It's December 18th mark your calendars.

I have the biggest crush on someone.

A shout out to fellow writer Selena Fragassi who I met at the TPR show. Welcome to Los Angeles
The Pretty Reckless
Photo: Michael Shinafelt
Quote of the Week: "Kinda how actors study & train & devote their lives to their craft only to be replaced by reality stars must be how career politicians feel" - Tara Strong Voice Over Artist 

Check out the funny as f@#k parody - by my friend E.G. Daily & her partner in crime Melinda Hill Melanoma & Bulimia, Melania Trump's cousins here :

Looks like Boy George is going to be a presence on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season. You thought Lisa Vanderpump was a sniper from the side, just you wait!

I asked a security guard to fasten my wristband on me for The Pretty Reckless show instead of doing it myself. I told him I was mentally challenged, he laughed.(glad there are people out there who still have a sense of humor)

Can we all just be honest BTW. Unless a miracle happens, we are going to make history, "yes" for the first time ever we are going to have a sex worker as first lady. While I have nothing against sex workers, I do have a thing against hypocrisy.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Grammy Nominee: Margaret Cho!!!

Margaret Cho
Photo: Dusti Cunningham

This weeks Birthday Girl is on a roll with her fourth Grammy Nomination. Will number four be the charm? Even if Margaret doesn't strike gold, she's still winning! Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho has been nominated for her fourth career Grammy nomination in the Best Comedy Album category today for her latest studio album, American Myth.   American Myth  is the follow-up to her 2010 Grammy nominated debut album Cho Dependent and is Margaret’s first new music in over 6 years via her Clownery Records label.  To order click here: .  

I'm thrilled to receive this nomination and I share this honor with Garrison Starr and Roger Rocha and all the other artists who contributed to this album. Also it's going to be a blast to be on the red carpet reporting on all the fashions first hand as an undercover (sort of) officer for Fashion Police! – Margaret Cho

You can view all four videos off the album below; “Anna Nicole,” “Ron’s Got a DUI,” “Fat Pussy” and the controversial “(I Want To) Kill My Rapist.”   
Ron’s Got a DUI” –
(I Want To) Kill My Rapist” -

 “I am extremely proud to release American Myth. This is an album of anthems and showcases my first efforts as a composer. I made it with my longtime collaborator Garrison Starr and an incredible and inspiring crew of artists. It is my glamorous and glittering tribute to family, comedy, anger, fame, gayness, grief, fat pride, love and hate. “ – Margaret Cho

Margaret returns to tv as special co-host on “Fashion Police” on E! Monday, January 9 at 8 p ET/PT with coverage of the Golden Globe Awards and and will also continue to tour with her ever evolving stand-up comedy show throughout 2016 and 2017.  She will continue to tackle difficult subjects with sensitivity and razor sharp insight. A pioneer amongst women in comedy, Margaret doesn’t take anything for granted

“It’s a wonderful thing to be known as a ‘safe haven’ for people who feel disenfranchised. The audience at my shows don’t necessarily consider themselves traditional comedy fans. I seem to be a secure alternative for people who don’t think they’re being represented in society. They come because my point of view satisfies a lot of what needs to be said out there, and that makes me really proud.”

2016 Tour Dates
December –
9    -   Genesee Theatre    Waukegan, IL
31 -    Blaisdell Concert Hall  with Bill Maher  -  Honolulu, HI

2017 Tour Dates
January -
1                 -  Maui Arts & Cultural Center with Bill Maher  -  Maui, HI
20  & 21   Tampa Improv  -  Tampa, FL
27   -   Tulalip Resort Casino  -  Marrysville, WA

February –
3 & 4  -  Improv   -  Brea, CA
23 -  Wheeler Opera House/LAFF Festival  -   Aspen, CO

Margaret Cho Official Website
Margaret Cho Twitter:
Margaret Cho YouTube channel:

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Twerking Tuesday

Twerking Is No Laughing Matter
Madonna & James Corden
Coming Wednesday as in tomorrow, Madonna makes her Carpool Karaoke debut with James Corden on The Late Late Show

In honor of her Madgesty's debut I hereby decree today, December 6th Twerking Tuesday! As you know Madonna just had to show off her twerking skills, which she does in the teaser image above, to "Bitch I'm Madonna."

On a side note it seems Twerking has officially entered the spell check wheel house as it is the first time I have used it that it did not get flagged as a misspelled word.

We are also going to get a taste of the two performing "Vogue" and a kiss and tell story about Madonna's evening with Michael Jackson at the Oscars

I hope they do the song song "Deeper and Deeper" too, off of my favorite Madonna album "Erotica" but somehow I doubt that will make the cut, I must tune in tomorrow night to find out!

Get teased and get twerking below!

The Late Late Show at: 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Happy Birthday Margaret Cho!

Look, It's The Doublemint Twins!
Me & Margaret Cho
Jackie Kilmer & Rhonda Bernstein

Today is my fellow Sagittarius Margaret Cho's Birthday! As you may or may not have read she recently spent a stint in rehab and is now in recovery. Thus I wanted to give her a shout out on her special day.

Margaret and I have known each other for years now, not only is she one of the funniest damned people on the face of the planet, she also gives back to the world around her through her political activism via her comedy and action. As well as her charitable work, especially on behalf of the homeless in San Francisco with the Be Robin campaign honoring her friend the late brilliant Robin Williams.

So join the rank of Cho Ho and wish this wonderful lady a Happy, Happy at one of the links below, it will make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. OK, more like, it will make you remember the fight is real and to take action rather than reaction. Happy now???

Bend it like Margaret.

Happy Birthday Margaret! 

Margaret's Birthday Links:  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sunday Schwing! Ben Affleck

Have You Been Naughty?
Ben Affleck
Everybody run, Santa Claus has a gun! Kidding, it's merely Ben Affleck from the movie Reindeer Games. Speaking of which, as a gift to all you Affleck yearners I present to you stills of his bare booty from the movie via Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

Tye Briggs has written a cool piece titled: Ode To Affleck that maps out Tye's initial admiration of the Actor/Filmmaker to the point where it turned to lust, "yes" Affleck Lust, it's a thing.

Also for further titillation because of the giver I am and because of how clever Tye is I have thrown in his Sex in Cinema un-coverage which lets you gaze at Ben's family jewels in Gone Girl as well as other male nudity in film that year.

The gift of Schwing is here for you to enjoy this lovely Sunday. Now come sit on Santa Michael's lap and tell him what else you want this Christmas...

NSFW links below!

Ode To Affleck:

Sex in Cinema: